The gift of travel


Looking for a holiday gift for the person who has everything, the Italophile in your life, or someone who loves travel, food or wine? Consider the gift of travel.

Viaggi di Gusto offers personalized gift travel certificates in any amount toward one of our customized Italy tours.

Why give travel? It's an incomparable and often life-changing gift. Many years ago, writer and world traveler Pico Iyer reflected on the transformational power of traveling abroad in an essay published in Salon called “Why we travel.” 

He captured well how we see every day with fresh eyes and feel the growing restorative power of exploration as we move from place to place with only the things we can carry. “Abroad is the place where we stay up late, follow impulse and find ourselves as wide open as when we are in love,” Iyer wrote. “Even as the world seems to grow more exhausted, our travels do not.”

Years after their trips, Viaggi di Gusto travelers continue to tell us how much they cherish the experiences of our customized Italy tours: Historic places, beautiful landscapes, wonderful food and wine, the personal enrichment of the journey itself -- and sharing it all in the company of each other.

After all, we take our travel experiences home with us, and keep them close forever. As Iyer wrote: “The most distant shores, we are constantly reminded, lie within the person asleep at our side.”

We can help you package a gift to a loved one or friend with a set of luggage tags, a bottle of Italian wine or another special presentation. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a companion gift, too.

So join us this year! Here's a look at some of our trips for 2018:

Best of Sicily: History, Food & Wine

May 22, 2018 – Jun 2, 2018: You’ll be treated as one of the family on a 12-day journey to one of Italy’s most beautiful and distinctive islands. Enjoy Sicilian culture, history, food and wine ­in a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience!

Best of Italy: Rome, Tuscany, Umbria & Cinque Terre

Sep 22, 2018 – Oct 5, 2018: Explore some of the best that Italy has to offer during this 15-day Italian adventure that blends a big city experience, Umbrian medieval hill towns, Tuscan countryside and the beautiful coastal villages of the Cinque Terre.

The Best of Southern Italy: Amalfi Coast & Puglia

Oct 6, 2018 – Oct 15, 2018: Experience the simple life of Puglia and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Amalfi Coast, combined in one stunning trip crossing southern Italy.

Satisfied travelers explain why they prefer to travel in small group tours with Viaggi di Gusto, which specializes in food and wine tours to Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia, Sicily, Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast and the northern Italy lakes.