Buon San Valentino! 5 ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day, Italian-style


It's hard to imagine a more romantic place to spend Valentine's Day than Italy. The country inspires romance with its natural beauty, enchanting villages and fine food, wine and chocolate.

But you don't have to be in Italy to be inspired by its romanticism. Here are 5 ways that you can celebrate Valentine's Day wherever you are, "Italian style."

  • Create an Italian-themed dinner accompanied by a bottle of fine Italian wine and Dean Martin singing "That's Amore." Not a Dean Martin fan? Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett team up and deliver sweet duets on their collaborative album "Cheek to Cheek."

  • Dine at a local traditional Italian restaurant. Make a reservation well ahead of time and request the best table in the house! May we suggest a wine to go with that meal?

  • Learn a few romantic Italian phrases. Sei sempre nel mio cuore! 

  • Celebrate with Baci (Italian for "kisses") Perugina - small, chocolate-covered hazelnuts that includes a romantic poetic quote in the wrappers. So you'll learn a few romantic phrases while you're at it! (Hint: You can buy Baci at your local Italian deli, and sometimes other stores stock up this time of year, too).

  • Watch a romantic Italian film (in Italian, of course).