Umbria: Images from the historic heart of Italy

Landlocked, a region with neither a coastline nor a border with other countries, Umbria is surrounded only by Italy itself, the beating heart of a vibrant country. It is also a region of contrasts, with barren peaks and fertile valleys, from erudite Perugia to nearby yet rustic Spoleto, a land of peaceful Benedictine monks and shattering earthquakes. View a few singular images from these contrasting moments during Viaggi di Gusto's travels.

Italian Riveria: It wears on soles but warms our souls

Riviera! The term conjures the captivating attributes of Liguria's coastal region: mild climate, relaxed pace, enchanting landscape, romance in every old fishing port and cliffhanging climb. Viaggi di Gusto travelers tend to frequent the Riviera di Levante (“the coast of the rising sun”) east and south of Genoa, including the famed Cinque Terre villages, wearing their shoe soles thin on the cliffside trails between these car-free villages.