Viaggi di Gusto’s authentic trips to Italy are brought to you through the experience, creativity and passion of Cathy Fleming. With extensive experience living in Italy and fluency in the language, Cathy has established a solid and growing network of associates and friends. These relationships enable her to tap into a wealth of knowledge, connections, experiences and diversity in Italian culture, culinary and travel—all great resources for crafting customized tours.

“My passion for Italian culture and cuisine first stirred years ago as a young adult, when I picked up and moved to Italy to learn the language and culture. Young and eager, I studied Italian in Perugia, lived with a family in Assisi, and roamed as widely as I could, every chance I got, during my time there. I returned twice for additional extended visits, each time enriching my passion to live and learn the Italian way—in culture, cuisine and more. In intervening years, I lived in Switzerland and Africa, but Italy had captured my heart as well as my imagination.

“In 2000, a visit to see old friends rekindled my love for Italy, its incomparable food and fine wine. These days, I travel there regularly, and one result of my captivation with Italy’s rich culinary traditions is Viaggi di Gusto —Tours with Taste, in English — trips that offer custom-designed, off-the-beaten path culinary and cultural adventures in Italy.

“My network of associates and circle of friends has steadily broadened across Tuscany, Umbria and other regions. I have had the great pleasure to create friendships with people across many walks of Italian life. With the help of this network, I seek to give Viaggi di Gusto travelers a memorable experience and an opportunity of a lifetime.”


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